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    We Coaches have decided to do pre-season orientation/training WITHOUT any robot interface (real or virtual). We are trying to lay a general foundation [in both AI and AS] before launching into robot-specific stuff (for many reasons). So, we started with [normal/original] App Inventor and its tutorials. [I posted the following in the general Forum, but figured I'd add it to the AI-specific Forum - with updates.]
    In App Inventor, I have now successfully completed the Hello Purr, Talk To Me and Magic 8 Ball tutorials. The Ball Bounce tutorial is assuming a touch screen - the emulator didn't respond to the touch pad on the laptop with the Flung command, but did OK with the Dragged command; it worked fine on the ZTE. I think I'm starting to learn the environment and some of the logic!
    This past Thursday, we had 9 Members (plus 6 Mentors) attend our Programming orientation and AI workshop. All Members were able to create at least one app. Overall, a good success.
    There were some installation issues, but we had Members share laptops if they hadn't completed their install.
    The only issue was with the emulator. We are not school-based, so we are "borrowing" internet from some kind [unknown] soul's WiFi in the neighborhood. It's not a strong signal, so there may have been connection issues, but the emulator kept dropping off. We did everything with varying results - some never dropped off to some never coming back even after a complete reboot.
    I am now working to get the 3 Speeds ready for our next session this Sunday. I got one working - it only took me 1.5 hours. I'm guessing/hoping the next 2 will go a "little" faster.