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Will FIRST Intelitek lessons be back online?

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  • Will FIRST Intelitek lessons be back online?

    My team still uses these lessons occasionally. Is FIRST Intelitek adding more lessons or will be back online soon? We would love more lessons on sensors, or at least what was there before. When you try logging in now, it says it's down for maintenance (for a week or so now). Does anyone know what the plans are for this site? It's a great website, we hope it gets back online.

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    I would like to know the answer to this too. I've contacted FIRST through the chat on the website, but no reply from them either. It isn't linked on the resource page anymore, so it appears like it might be replaced or something. Sure wish I knew - I was counting on using the Intelitek lessons for my rookie team members in a few weeks. Let me know if you hear anything.


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      Hi Folks - Unfortunately the Intelitek training material while very good, was dated. It has been removed and I don't believe it will be put back online.

      Instead, a good resource for an introduction to the FIRST Tech Challenge technology is the YouTube videos for the official FIRST Tech Challenge Youtube account.

      Here is a link to the Blocks Development Tool playlist:

      Here is a link to the hardware tutorial playlist:

      Here is a link to the FIRST Tech Challenge YouTube page:

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