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Will App Inventor no longer be allowed after Relic Recovery season?

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  • Will App Inventor no longer be allowed after Relic Recovery season?

    With App Inventor not being "supported" after this season, 2017-18, does it mean that it will also not be allowed to be used the next year, or is that unknown still? Just wondering. Thanks.

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    Hi RoboticsFun,

    Unfortunately, I think it's too early to determine whether the FTC version of the App Inventor will be permitted after this season. However, I would recommend that teams transition away from the App Inventor and towards the Blocks Programming tool for this season and for future seasons. While the App Inventor is a great development tool, the Blocks tool has many of the same benefits, plus it does not require that users install additional software (such as VirtualBox and the App Inventor Virtual machine) on their development laptops. This is a very important benefit, since many schools do not permit software such as VirtualBox to be installed on their devices.

    If you haven't yet checked out the Blocks tool, I suggest that you take a look at the online wiki. it currently has a tutorial that describes how to write some simple op modes using Blocks:

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or comments regarding the sunsetting of the App Inventor software.