Hi Everyone,

For the 2017-2018 season, the FIRST Tech Challenge software version 3.4 has been released:

* FTC Robot Controller & FTC Driver Station apps available on Google Play
* Android Studio project has been updated on GitHub repository (see https://github.com/ftctechnh/ftc_app)

For the FTC MIT App Inventor, the virtual machines have been updated to support the new v3.4 features. They can be downloaded from the App Inventor download page (see https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/ftcimages/2017). Note that FIRST strongly recommends that App Inventor users migrate to the FTC Blocks Programming Tool for this season.

Documentation on how to use the v3.4 software can be found online:

New REV Robotics-specific training videos are available as a FIRST Tech Challenge video playlist:


Have a great season!