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Ways to use tele op

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  • Ways to use tele op

    Odd question, but is it possible to create a linear procedure within a standard tele op? Like, for example, if i were to press A on the game pad, the result would be to do X, Y, and Z, but in that order and with a time variance similar to wait times? There are so many different blocks in MIT app inventor that I have no idea how to use, I feel like there are ways to do something along those lines.

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    Here's a picture of blocks for a teleop where the drive motors are controlled by the left joystick and when the A button is pressed, it opens the claw. One second later, it lowers the arm. Two seconds later, it closes the claw. Half a second later, it raises the arm. During the arm/claw movement, it continues to drive the motors with the left joystick.