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Right Motor continues to run

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  • Right Motor continues to run

    A new problem arises and we are unsure if the new code is causing this problem.
    Our right motor continues to run even after the 8 seconds are over in "auto" Can anyone tell if its something to do with the code. Here is the link
    Thank you in advance.

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    broken link, sorry here is the new one.


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      The only thing I can think of is that the message sent to turn of the right motor somehow got lost.
      Try putting the blocks that set the power to 0 in a for-loop that is executed 3 times with a WaitOneFullHardwareCycle block inside the loop. Like this:


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        I actually just tried something here on our robot that seems to work. using the proceedure and call method, i simply use the stratmotor proceedure twice rather than just one and then after the sleep amount used the stopmotor proceedure we use to stop the robot twice, as well, once i doubled them both, I havent had any troubles


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          Here is how it looks,, simplified