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    How can I program a robot with two motors and a touch sensor? What the program should do is that first it will go forward till the touch sensor is pressed. After it is pressed, it should go back and turn right and then start going forward. This should go forever until I stop the program. I know we will use loop but I don't know how to program it.
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    Are you asking for suggestions on how to set up the logic for this, how to create the blocks in mit app inventor, or how to configure the robot controller? Intellitek has made a great tutorial on this very topic, and Bruce Schafer has done a fantastic job of creating some YouTube videos that should help your team greatly. Here is a link to Bruce's work and under national resources you should be able to get to the intellitek training. I suggest the tutorial first then the YouTube videos. If you get stuck, we will be in a better place to help as we will be able to point to specific tips to assist. If you have already done these and can show the blocks you have created and describe how the robot is or isn't performing we will then have a starting place to help you troubleshoot. Best of luck!