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  • Nonresponsive Motor

    Hi community,
    We are attempting to have our right trigger initiate two motors (left and right shooter). However, when we run the program, only the right shooter operates. In previous attempts, the left shooter has run, but we could not figure out the pattern. here is the link to the code. Let me know if there is any glaring issues. Thank you again.

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    We found the easiest way to do it was wire them together (made a Y connector with power poles and then only used one port on the motor controller) so they act as one motor on the gamepad.

    Hope that helps
    Dave - Mentor
    CVTM Robotics Team 6966 (Bat Bots) Rookie Season 2013/14
    CVTM Robotics Team 8257 (Bond Bots) Rookie Season 2014/15