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Problems using two range sensors

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  • Problems using two range sensors

    I am trying to access multiple range sensors using app inventor. But cannot get one sensor working correctly if I change the I2C address.* I've done the following
    - used the core discovery SW to change the I2C address of one of the range sensors to 0x2A.* The other was unchanged from 0x28.*
    - Assigned the range sensor as address 0x2a (42) using the set FtcMrRangeSensor1 I2cAddress command in app inventor

    I can read the correct I2C address from the device at 0x2A.* I can see a different range sensor version from the one at 0x2A*than the one at 0x28.* But I cannot read a range value from the sensor at 0x2A. I can only read the range from the sensor at*0X28.


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    Im having the same problem and the only thing that I can think that might be the problem is that on the system cycle the IC2 dress gets change but that might be wrong, let me know if you fix it and I will tell you anything that I learn.
    -Team 133


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      There are similar reports on the Blocks Programming and Android Studio forums.