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Linear Op programming in App Inventor

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  • Linear Op programming in App Inventor

    I am trying to use sensors to navigate our way to the beacons. However, I can only seem to get one if / then to work.

    I've tried using "while test" and :while op mode is active. I've then tried having an if/then statement for each step.

    It seems I need to know how to move if from one step to another as conditions are satisfied.

    So I've got initialization blocks, then a wait for start block, then a while test (while opModeIsActive) and then an if/then for a line follow, followed by an if / then for touch sensor.

    Intent: follow line up to beacon where the touch will be pushed. If I get this I can add onto both ends to use encoder to navigate up to line and color sensor to push beacon.

    Any help getting me pointed in the right direction would be appreciated by our team.