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  • Help:Autonomous Is Not Consistent

    Hello everyone,

    We have couple autonomous, however for some reason, they don't do the same movements in each trial. For instance; the autonomous for the robot shooting two balls, and then parking to the ramp does bot do the same thing each time. Could there be any specific reason for this kind of issues? It works sometimes but then it goes crayz and we have no idea about how to fix it...

    Thanks for your time and help!

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    More info needed.
    How does it "goes crayz"?
    Are you using encoders and RUN_TO_POSITION? Are your encoders working reliably?
    Are you using gyro? Are you resetting the z integrator on the gyro after startMode/waitForStart?


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      We have fixed the distance problem with encoders but we want to use the gyro sensor, although we don't know how to code it. We are using CHIRP (Similar to MIT app inventor)


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        Originally posted by FTC6450 View Post
        We are using CHIRP (Similar to MIT app inventor)
        I've never heard of CHIRP and I doubt that others here have either. That may make it hard for you to get help. The legal programming tools for FTC are Android Studio, App Inventor, and now something called Blocks that allows teams to do the programming right on the phone itself.

        Do you have a URL for CHIRP?


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          You have to make sure your FTC apps (driver station and robot controller) are updated. Once you click on the menu button you click programming mode. You will then follow the steps to connect your phone and access the IP address.


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            It sounds like you're using Blocks then. I still have no idea what CHIRP is.

            Good luck with your autonomous problem.


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              I just talked with my coach he said it is blocks.


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                CHIRP was the unofficial internal name of Blocks for a few weeks in the fall. I'm surprised you heard that name. It stood for Controller Hosted Integrated Robot Programming, but it never became the official name. I think there might have been a legal or marketing reason for not using the name CHIRP.

                There is a separate forum for questions about Blocks Programming:
                I check this MIT App Inventor forum and the Blocks Programming forum every day or so, but it is helpful to have the questions in the separate forums.

                Using the Gyro sensor in Blocks is definitely supported. Do you have a specific question? If so, please post it in the Blocks Programming forum and I'll try to answer.