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App Inventor + Android Studio?

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  • App Inventor + Android Studio?

    Has anyone been successful (or even tried) using App Inventor, and migrating code to Java for use in Android Studio? We have never used App Inventor; however, I was thinking that it would be beneficial for y younger students, as well as my dyslexic students, to be able to program using App Inventor. We do some advanced programming, however; and I like to have (1) the control of full-blown Java, and (2) my students learn to code in Java. If the two groups could somehow work together, I think that would be a great way for my students who would not otherwise be successful programmers to still learn to code. Suggestions?

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    Migrating an existing app from App Inventor to Java would require looking at the App Inventor blocks and typing in the java code by hand. Some of the text that is displayed on App Inventor blocks would be very similar to the Java code, but some would be different.

    I think it would be easier to start with Blocks Programming (AKA Programming Mode) instead of App Inventor because when an op mode is saved in Blocks Programming, the generated Javascript is also saved onto the robot controller phone (on the sdcard in the directory /sdcard/FIRST/blocks). You could then use that Javascript code as a starting point for switching to Java. The Javascript code won't be exactly the same as the Java code, but I think it would be easier than typing everything in while looking at the blocks.