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Samostat not on nxt

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  • Samostat not on nxt

    We have connected everything so that we have a white blinking light on the sam module, and a solid red and blue. But the Samantha FCS does not see the NXT. I read where you need to run the samostat on the nxt but that program is not on the nxt. I'm lost. What do we do next?

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    If you're using RobotC, it's in the example programs folder.
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      For any LabVIEW teams out there looking for the Program Chooser and Samostat files:

      In LVLM 2010/FTC we found that it downloaded with a firmware update. However, this season (with the new LVLM 2012/MCT) it has not. If you are having trouble with this too, then please visit the forums. Under the 'FTC Training' thread I have posted a detailed description of a few ways you can go about getting these files onto your brick.


      From what I can tell, it is the same as last year...but, I chose to 'deploy' the vi using the current LVLM 2012 compiler.

      NI thought it was downloading with the firmware update, I hope that is the case for most of you


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        Access Google Sites with a personal Google account or Google Workspace account (for business use).

        This link will show you how to put Samostat on your brick.


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          Easy way to get Program Chooser and Samostat on NXT in LabVIEW

          Finally a painless (and surprisingly entertaining) way to get the required FCS files onto your brick in LabVIEW:

          Connect to the NXT with a USB cable, and Update Firmware. Take a look at the 'NXT Terminal' list of programs on the brick and you likely won't see the 3 RXE's there (NXTShell, Program Chooser, Samostat).

          From the Project Center, under 'Programs' have the kids create a 'New VI' as a 'VI for Computer Target'; rt click on the block diagram select Functions palette - NXT I/O - sound - piano - play red song. Click on the RUN arrow in the menu. [Name that tune...] Take a look at the 'NXT Terminal' for the list of programs and you'll see all 3 RXE's have been put there !

          NI indicated that if we run a vi 'in direct mode' (ie. we are in a vi that is a 'computer target' and hit RUN); then the three RXE's will get put on the brick. Referenced from this thread: