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Legality of Broken Samanthas

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  • Legality of Broken Samanthas

    I know this won't be an official answer, but I'd like to get a gauge on whether this is legal or not.

    We have a Samantha with a broken LED: the blue LED for the NXT doesn't light up. This complicates troubleshooting, but the Samantha works fine otherwise. Since the $85 cost of the Samantha is more than the cost of the rest of our custom electronics, it would be a great relief if we didn't have to order a new Samantha.
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    You can not make any modifications to the Samantha so if you were to try and fix it that would be illegal. If the light is not lighting up they would probably not allow it at competition because it is an indicator to the FTA that everything is working fine on their side.


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      Our NXT Samantha LED died as well, and the NJ volunteers didn't like it, but they let it go. If someone's looking at your Samantha because there's a problem, make sure that they know that your Blue LED is dead. Otherwise, I don't believe there are any specific rules that say that your Samantha must be fully operational (that is an unofficial post).

      However, what your event organizers say takes precedence over what some guy said on the FTC forum.
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        We won't have time to replace it in time for this weekend's meet, but it's just one of three district qualifiers and we should be "legal enough".
        Lead programmer for FTC team #6424, the 'Oly Cow.