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Controller behavior with Samantha module

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  • Controller behavior with Samantha module

    We are a rookie team programming in LabView. We have been able to generate our teleop code, and it runs as expected through LabView's Remote Configuration tool. For instance, we have two controllers that we use to operate our motors, and this works fine.

    However, when we connect to our robot through the Samantha Module and the Samantha FCS, the controllers behave differently. In one version of our teleop code, a motor that should respond to a joystick ran continually whether the joystick was being operated or not. In other versions, some of the configured buttons are not responsive, and in yet another, buttons perform actions that have are supposed to be performed by other buttons. To repeat, the behavior when connecting to the robot directly through LabView is as we expect so this appears to be an issue with the connection through the samantha module and the FCS.

    We can make the teleop code work in this way, but it is not the ideal configuration that we would like. It's also disconcerting to see different behaviors when using the teleop code in these two ways. Has anyone else experienced this or understand why we are seeing this?

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    Remote Controlling your robot with the FCS


    You seem to be describing a few different issues here. I'm happy to help you through them.

    First, always make sure the the joystick pad has the switch on the bottom set to 'D' (not 'x'). This should fix the 'continuously spinning wheel issue'

    Next, have you performed the 'generate code' step and 'deployed' the telop mapping vi to your NXT?
    • If no: (ask me, and I will explain how to do this)
    • If yes: have you updated your MCT Toolkit with the patch released on November 6th?
      • If no: nothing will work right. For help on the patch see
      • If yes: hopefully the switch on the bottom of the joystick being set to 'X', fixes things for you. Pay attention to the 'mode' light too. If the mode light is on then the left-axis stick gets mapped to the D-pad.

    Lastly, remember to do this the first time, and whenever you update your firmware. It will load the required FCS files to the NXT for you in a fun way:

    If you need more help, just ask.
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      Our controllers have to be in 'd' mode for the continuous motors to not run. Last year, we were able to use 'x' mode, but for some reason this year I had to switch our controllers to 'd'. We went though three motors before we figured out the problem in Teleop mode.


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        THANK YOU....I see a serious typo in my previous post - it SHOULD have read just what you said - the switch must be in D (not X). In fact we even raise our hands up and make a big X and say 'X bad' 'd good' to remind ourselves. Glad you pointed that out to me
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