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  • Router problem.

    Hi I am Augustine from Singapore Science Centre. We are currently setting up for FTC SG 2013 Block Party. However, I am facing an issue with the routers connection to NXT.

    Right now I am using TP-Link WR941ND instead of Cisco E3000 because we need something with external antennas.

    So the problem is that samantha shows it's connected to the network, Flashing white light. Ran samostats on NXT and it has an IP address. But when I tried to scan for the NXT in FCS, NXT came up for like 5 seconds and then state that it's offline. I also can't see to go to the IP address via any browser.
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    I don't know the specifics, but the Samantha seems to rely on some features of TCP/UDP/WiFi that most routers don't support (that's just my theory). It seems to work best for most people if you have a Cisco/Linksys router. Why do you need a router with discrete antennas (all routers have antennas; newer routers have internal antennas)?
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