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Sam module not picking up NXT in timely manner

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  • Sam module not picking up NXT in timely manner

    We changed the setup to include two motor controllers and one servo controller. Since then, the module really struggles to pick up the NXT. If we let it sit for several minutes, it may light up the nxt light but if you turn it off, you must wait through it again. . We have tried two modules, two USB cords and two different bricks. Everything is wired in parallel for power. Based on the swapping, we must be overlooking something in the setup but I don't know what. When my Internet is restored on the desktop I'll upload a pic of our wiring layout. I can say that the system works with Bluetooth and the brick can be picked up with the USB.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Does the order of where the module is placed in parallel from the brick matter?

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    Are you running the latest Samantha Firmware? If you've been to an event this year, than you most likely are.
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      Originally posted by Skinkworks View Post
      Are you running the latest Samantha Firmware? If you've been to an event this year, than you most likely are.
      I believe so but not sure. They fixed up the flashdrive back in September. Is there an easy way to tell what version you're using? I do know it was working fine before they went to add the third controller.


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        They reformatted the flash drive and did the files over. Reflashed the sam module but with no luck. Took 8 minutes for the NXT light to come on.
        As for the picture, I don't have a website to post it to to link a URL for it, so I can't share it on here. Sorry.
        Any ideas are appreciated!


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          Update: After the 8 minutes, it will connect and the blue NXT comes on. They run samostat but it latches onto the school's wifi now. This is after they have set the channel in the configuration for the one that has the least noise. The field wifi is way stronger on the wifi sniffer but for some reason it still goes after the school's. While it is putting an astericks by the school's wifi, the white wifi light is not on. Not sure what that is about. The white light comes on while cycling through for flashing the module but that is it. And the FCS is verson 3.x.x
          Again we really appreciate any help anyone can give.


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            SUCCESS: Well, with a soft reset of the NXT and another formatting for the flashdrive and flashing of the module, we now have communication like normal. Not sure what part did it (although we had redone the drive before) but it's working and we're going with it.
            Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!