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Samostat- Failed Authentication

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  • Samostat- Failed Authentication

    Rookie Team #8550 needs help isolating the issue.

    We think we have router Linksys N300 set up correctly and we think we have Samatha software installed correctly. We have flashed as suggested (Samantha .hex as well as FTCNTKY), but we are getting a WiFi Failed Authentication message on the NXT when we run Samostat with the wrong IP address.
    Inside the Samantha field control software, I have 4 controllers ready to be selected, but no teams can be found.

    Is the issue with the router set-up, Samantha modlue, or FCS software?

    Any guidance would be helpful!

    Team# 8550

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    When you flashed your Samantha what was your password? Have you put that in the password spot in the FCS under the configuration tab? If not try that.