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Samantha Module Wrong Encryption

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  • Samantha Module Wrong Encryption

    We've used the Samantha Network Config to put our information onto a flash drive and then uploaded the network information to our Samantha module. We get the correct light colors, however when we run samostat on the nxt brick it says we have the wrong encryption. We've been told that this is occurring because we've given it the wrong wifi password, but we're certain we've put in the correct password. We've tried numerous different passwords and made sure we typed them in exactly the same. We're stuck and need help please!

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    We are having the same problem. We have spent no less than 10 hours on this. I have the correct router. Is it that I need to use batteries to power the brick versus the rechargable? If we need a new Samantha module, who do we contact. I went to visit a mentor team 50 miles away from our home and they could not help either. Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated.


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      I'm just wondering, since it says wrong encryption, if the network authentication and data encryption settings you're giving the Samantha Network Setup program are right. Maybe you've already done this, but I would try playing around with the different combinations for those and see if you can find one that works.
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