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Samantha will not update her firmware

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  • Samantha will not update her firmware

    We are having real problems with Samantha and updating firmware and network keys. We are following directions to a tee, the three LEDs light in sequence, and then count down. The red powerlight remains on... and then nothing else.

    Samostat cannot acquire the device.

    It is like it almost, but not quite, updates its firmware and then gets stuck.

    Has anyone seen this? I assume we are doing something wrong, but have followed directions many times.


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    Out of curiosity, can you provide a description or a link to the exact instructions that you follow?
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      I have tried a lot... and they are usually in agreement.

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      There are my main guides.

      I have tried...
      ... just firmware.
      ... just network keys.
      ... both.
      ... different routers.
      ... old, known working USB flash drive with an old, known working router.
      ... connected through our competition bot's wiring.
      ... connected through our testbed bot's wiring.
      ... connected directly to a 9V battery.
      ... connected directly to a competition 12V battery.
      ... a 128kB, newly formatted flash drive.

      Over the years, we have flashed and reflashed Samantha dozens (more?) of times, as we are a fairly experienced team. I don't know what is going wrong now.