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Intermittent camera switching delay

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  • Intermittent camera switching delay

    We are using the REV Control Hub with two Logitech webcams, occasionally switching between them during autonomous programs for a more reliable view of the Vuforia targets. Most of the time, the camera switch is pretty transparent. ~10-15% of the time, there's a marked delay of 2-4 seconds (an eternity when you're budgeting 30 seconds!). We've added telemetry commands before and after the switch command to verify that this is the source of the mystery delay. We've tried moving the switch within the program to points before it's actually needed. In other words, moving using Camera 1, stop to drop the wobbler, switch to Camera 2, make a blind move (not calling Vuforia), and then navigate using Vuforia with Camera 2. The camera switch (and it's intermittent delay) happens serially. We can't seem to mask the switching time with parallel tasks that don't require Vuforia. We are still programming using Blocks --- haven't quite graduated to text-based Java yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Would you be able to provide the log files both from a run where "normal" camera switching delay is observed, as well as a run where the delayed switching is observed?


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      I will ask our programmers about exporting a log file. Thanks for your response.


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        We seemed to have resolved the issue by adding a short wait statement before calling the camera switch. Our thought was this allowed the previous camera function to terminate before trying to switch. Thanks for your offer to help!