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Issues with motors running different on the different hubs

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  • Issues with motors running different on the different hubs

    Hi I am Brett from Team 6914 Charging Chaos,
    We have been experiencing a difference in sound and speed when plugged into the expansion hub, compared to when I plug it into the control hub it runs at a constant speed. The motion that the motor gives off is very jerky and does not run at any constant speed even when set. We also have changed the RS485 cord 3 times along with changing the motor and the cords to attach it to the hubs. If you have and suggestions or would like maybe a video of what it looks like then please feel free to either reply or email me at [email protected].

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    Hi Brett, write a diagnostic OpMode that puts the motor in STOP_AND_RESET_ENCODER run mode, and then RUN_WITHOUT_ENCODER run mode and setPower(1.0). What is the value getCurrentPosition() after running the motor for say 30 seconds? Is the value significantly different when you swap Control/Expansion Hubs?


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      thank you but it ended up being some weird part of our hardware program, it was because I had a setZeroPower to brake.