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FTC kit of parts, starting the build

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  • FTC kit of parts, starting the build

    My team and I started going through the tutorial videos on Schoology today, and immediately we hit a roadblock. Part 2 of the videos, on Powering and Wiring your robot refers to some pieces of kit that we don't seem to have.

    It refers to 4 USB to mini USB cables, Power Distribution Module, Core Servo Controller, Core Motor Controller, Core Device Interface Module, etc...

    I ordered our parts through the FTC website. I bought: Control & Communication Set 2, REV Robotics Expansion Hub Set, and TETRIX[SUP]

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    aha! I just found this video which answers my own question, - that this one expansion hub replaces the five previous modules. Is there a tutorial available for using this new hub? I'm sure I can find some by digging around on YouTube, but welcome any suggestions!


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      There's not really a tutorial, I think since the new electronics are so much simpler than last year. Here is a Wiki that has been set up:

      The REV expansion hub documentation is also helpful: