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Running Robot During Interview

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  • Running Robot During Interview

    I don't see anything in the rules against running the robot during the judges' interview, but I also haven't happened to see anybody do it.

    I know that the judges will be around to watch matches, but any opinions on giving a brief "preview" rather than trying to explain a particular mechanism during the presentation to the judges?

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    Our team runs the robot during the interview all the time, usually to show off one of the working attachments rather than just the drivetrain.


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      We built a custom autonomous program and had a script to go along with that as the robot demonstrated all of its features.


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        Our team did a quick demo of the auto in case the judges were new and didn't understand some of it, like the vumark and color sensor aspect. The kids even brought in a Vumark and jewel to judging as part of the presentation. Worlds judges should be more informed, so might not be necessary at that level, but we didn't qualify past state. At the league, we won 1st Place Inspire and winning alliance.