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Large rugs? How did they affect game play?

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  • Large rugs? How did they affect game play?

    We are preparing for the Houston Championship. We have not been before. Could someone please elaborate on how the "large rugs" affect gameplay? Is there something we could do differently in practice to prepare for this difference?

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    The large rugs were underneath the fields in Houston for the last several years. For most teams, this wasn't a problem, but for especially heavy robots, they could possibly sink into the field floor, throwing off their autonomous and other driving. This affected a team in our league who went to Houston for the last several years. With the weight limit this year, though, this shouldn't be an issue (their robot was in the 60 lbs range).


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      Thanks! We are in the 25 pound range, so that should be OK. I saw a discussion on it and wondered how rugs would affect the play. Your answer makes sense.


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        This might go back as far as St. Louis, where the playing fields were in a ballroom that had a plush carpet, and a thick carpet pad under the carpet. In Houston and in Detroit, a low pile nap rug is under the competition fields.