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What constitutes "unnecessary risk of entanglement"?

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  • What constitutes "unnecessary risk of entanglement"?

    I've searched, but not found a discussion of this. We have added a new arm for the World Championship. We are using the Actobotics Cascading X-rail to extend our pick-up mechanism into the pit. Since it expands about 3 feet, the difficulty has been wiring the servo and motor used for the movements of the mechanism at the end of the arm. There are many moving parts on the X-rail device, so the wire gets caught up if it runs along the arm. We have the arm on one side of the robot and the wire connected near the top of the other side of the robot. When extended, the wires, robot base, and arm form a right triangle. The wires are exposed and entanglement is possible if a robot comes into that triangle. We have done our best to minimize this possibility, but I do not see a way to completely eliminate it. Therefore, I consider this to be a necessary risk of entanglement. The risk should be minimal since the driver can move the robot around and choose when to extend to avoid other robots.

    Have any of you run into this issue? Is this risk of entanglement considered acceptable according to rule RG01 d?

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    I am not one of the inspectors at worlds. I would worry about this one. I suggest you look at the discussion about retractable wires in another part of this forum. Many teams have found a better solution than what you are doing.