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Safe Autonomous Routes for SkyStone

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  • Safe Autonomous Routes for SkyStone

    Here are some safe autonomous routes for this years challenge developed by team #16471:

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    I have seen a couple of those threads. But what I haven't seen is the idea of using the yellow sky bridge for moving from the build area to the quarry. That will require them to deal with a nearly 1/2 inch bump to go over.

    Alternatively one could have the robot closer to the bridge use the outside and the one further away use the inside. The fun is that there will certainly be some teams who have NOT been briefed and thus will not be programmed to follow this pre-designed movement diagram. Even if they do all use it, they will still need collision avoidance (or smash into the other team's robot. Something WILL go wrong.


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      Originally posted by ftcsachse0 View Post
      Even if they do all use it, they will still need collision avoidance (or smash into the other team's robot. Something WILL go wrong.
      This is the one thing that is definite - there will be lots of collisions this year. My guys are already talking of having padding or bumpers around the robot. Also, shooting to make it only 14" or so wide just to decrease crowding.

      The good teams will walk into a match with a half dozen or more auto programs made up, and a plan for adapting. However, there are LOTS of teams who are barely just able to even have an auto program at all. I don't mean to sound derogatory, but those are the teams to watch out for, b/c from no fault of their own they will cause collisions. I'm already seeing discussion of teams plannin gto just tell other teams "just park, and we'll do it." That's a bad attitude IMO, and a much better approach is to plan to help educate and work with such a team to make a good cooperative strategy.... however, the format of most matches just doesn't allow the time to do that kind of cooperation properly.


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        Looks like its been over a month since anyone posted to this (or the Reddit thread referenced in the original post). There is also mention of other threads. Is there someplace else where this conversation is occurring and maybe coming to a consensus? I am very much for having something like this since it gives some hope of avoiding at least a few collisions.

        Regarding the original plan from team 16471: I agree with the other comment concerned on what happens if the black robot dies and never moves. It would seem that having the white robot take the inner route (4-3-2-3) and the black robot take the outer one (1-7-6-5-7) would allow either robot to malfunction at the beginning without impeding the other. Perhaps I'm missing something?


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          Hi we are a Rookie team this season. Can someone tell me is the push or the pull action allowed in moving foundation during autonomous? or is both allowed?


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            If the rules don't forbid something it is legal. (So in this case, yes both are legal.)

            Although if you want an official answer, you should ask in the Q&A section
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              Ok great thanks.


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                We found that Google slides is a quick way to draw Auton paths with arrows and numbers.
                Here's a copy of our slides that we'll use to work with our Alliance partner.


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                  very cool. thanks for sharing!