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    Hello. The phone is recognizing the game pad, the ports are configured correctly, and our Wi-Fi Direct is connected. However, the expansion hub's light does stay green for a few seconds, but then flashes blue twice, then back to green. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Also, why aren't the motors moving when I move the joysticks if everything is right?


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      The two flashes are telling you the hub address is 2.

      Do you get any errors when you select your program on the driver station?

      Also verify the cables are plugged in fully. Our kids have had times when they looked plugged in, but were not fully clipped in.

      Can you post a photo of your driver station phone screen after selecting program?

      We have also had issues with the configuration not being selected.

      Might also say where your located and see if we can find you a team nearby to help in person.