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    The team I mentor (mostly for programming) may be allowed to meet in person, subject to safety protocols that include restrictions on meeting length (1.5 hours) and number of participants (10, including students and mentors). Fundraising ability has been limited, so we will be on a tight budget. I've been looking into platforms that work for: a) online programming tutorials (one or more mentors and multiple students), and b) interactive programming sessions (one or two people sitting at the computer at our workshop, and one or more others with remote screen share and mouse control ability). These would need to be free or very inexpensive (say, $5/mo).So far, I'm thinking of using:

    a) Zoom for online tutorials. The downside is that I wouldn't be able to take control of the mouse on students' screens.

    b) Google Remote Desktop for interactive programming sessions. The remote participant and the in-person participant can both control the mouse, start programs, etc. The downside is that only one remote participant is possible. Also, there is no audio, so we'd need to use phones, or some chat platform in parallel.

    Suggestions of other inexpensive platforms would be much appreciated.


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    TeamViewer is excellent, I know of no better remote support tools. You can do either remote support or group meetings, can share control, participants can click to gesture, there is a whiteboard feature. You can share cameras, mics, etc. It's fantastic. Also, easy to use... I've talked many grannies through downloading and installing for support.
    It is free For Private, Non-Commercial Use, though I think presentations will cutoff after 40 minutes.


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      ajtrowell Thanks for the recommendation! I had been to their website, but it wasn't initially clear to me that it was free for private, non-commercial use. Got it set up this morning to test communication between my desktop and laptop.


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        Let us know how TeamViewer works for you. I have been hesitant to ask students to install "one more thing" after we got them all to install git, Android Studio, Fusion 360... I can say that with zoom you can take over the mouse and keyboard (called remote control) but it probably isn't as good as TeamViewer....