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  • Students on multiple teams

    I run a program that has multiple teams udner the same org. Historically the students are pretty integrated and help each other out across teams. During hig hturnover years., liek this one, students start off in one big group and later self-divide based on interest and skill.
    This year we have a situation where numbers are down (like everywhere) but we're fortunate enough to have grants funding reg.costs for all 3 teams. We do not have 3 teams worth of students.
    The question has come up if a group of students could compete under a 2nd team number. It's a chance to build a 2nd robot in parallel, which is normally not allowed. Normally this could create a dicey situation where, at a comp, a team might be paired against themselves (ha), but this year's format seems to make that even less of an issue.

    I cannot find anywhere preventing this, nor does it seem against the spirit of FIRST. I have heard in the past of students switching teams etc anyway.

    What say ye, oh sages of wisdom?

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    I would love an answer to this, too. We have one campus in our league that has many teams and routinely move the best people amongst their teams during matches. 4.2.2 in manual 1- I feel - covers it by needing a printed team roster, but it has no teeth.


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      I believe a student can only be registered to one FTC team at a time (i.e. on one team roster at a time). However, students can switch registration to another team as often as you like. So a student can be registered to a different team every week all the way up to World Championship.