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  • Remote Field Setup

    Most of the released documentation for remote matches shows the red side only - I'm not sure if this is just for ease of explanations. Does this mean that all remote matches will be played on the Red side only, or does it just assume that it everyone knows that the Blue would be just the mirror image?

    Appendix B, figure B-1 of Remote Events Manual Part 2 includes the Blue tower (set as mirror image of Red), which makes me think this orientation may be needed as well.

    I can't find anyplace that specifically says that only the Red field layout will be used - have I overlooked it?

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    While a reply here is not authoritative (I'd go ask this same question in the game rules forum), the Remote Field Requirements guide at https://firstinspiresst01.blob.core....quirements.pdf says this on page 10:

    Field Elements

    The Field Elements for ULTIMATE GOAL – Remote include one Tower Goal, one PowerShot, and one Return Rack.
    • Option 1 – Official AndyMark Field Elements
      These are identical to the elements used in traditional matches and can be purchased through


      The Field Elements can be purchased as either a Red version or a Blue version. There is no difference in game play, but one is a mirror image of the other and the field and Scoring Zones must be set up accordingly. See the Field Setup guide for details.


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      Yeah - everything I find is vague like this. Mirror image is pretty obvious from the full-field diagrams, but nothing is clear if we will always be Red, get to choose, or will be assigned either/or during the remote tournament matches.


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        This is also not authoritative but since the remote field can be purchased in either red or blue, it would follow that a team who purchased either red or blue would play on only that field and therefore compete as that color for the duration of the remote events.


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          The "remote Field Requirements" document mentions which images should be used for blue. (It also says you can use any color tape.) Other than that they are mirror images I can't grasp why it should matter really. I am curious as to if we can extend the net to cover the entire end since the setup leaves about 2 feet with no barrier to errant rings.