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  • Remote meeting engagement

    Unfortunately we have had to hold quite a few remote only meetings due to Covid. Would love to hear your ideas on remote meetings especially for the build teams. What are you doing to keep them engaged? How are you getting parts and materials shared among the team? What are some of the other activities that you are having them work on to help promote the growth and learning that the younger more inexperienced kids need? Appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

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    We have been having the build team build the robot inside AutoCAD so we can order the parts and then passing the robot house to house for them to build the design. With no access to the school shop we are lucky that one of our coaches has a full woodshop and can fabricate most of the parts they have designed.


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      For our remote only meetings, we are using Fusion360 for CAD for robot design. We tend to split up into small groups (3-4) because the whole team together doesn't accomplish much. We create breakout rooms in zoom and the students can choose which ones to go to. We have 2 hour meetings and at roughly the half way point we call everyone back in and ask each room to report. At 15 minutes left, we call everyone back together and we use the Wheel of Names to call randomly on students to answer 3 questions:
      - What did you work on?
      - What did you learn?
      - What are the next steps? (or is that item complete.)

      Every week we have one remote only meeting and one "hybrid" (some students are online and some are in person.). In some ways this is making our in person time more efficient, but in some ways we are just getting less done.

      As a coach the important part to me is that students are learning and it is giving them some normalcy in their life where they can focus on what they can do instead of on what they can't.

      Hope this helps,