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Looking for Control, Expansion hub and Driver hub

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  • Looking for Control, Expansion hub and Driver hub

    Hello Coaches and Mentors, We are looking for a Control, Expansion hub and Driver hub for some off season work - used and/or new. We are starting a new team and unfortunately I cannot find these anywhere. If you have spares you are willing to part with we would love to buy them.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Hello Aravind,

    For off season you can use the Modern Robotics Core Control Modules. There are plenty of them available on ebay and plenty of veteran teams that can show you how to use them (or even donate them to you).

    Note that you do not need a so-called Core Power Distribution Module. You can use virtually any USB hub instead. I suggest a powered USB hub powered by a COTS USB power bank/portable charger. Also, it is very easy to create a DIY PowerPole power distribution solution.
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      Thank you Alec. Will try those. Appreciate the quick resp.