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  • servos from amazon

    we are looking for some heavy torque servos that none of the standard vendors like gobilda, rev are providing, so planning to go with looks like it falls on the acceptable side based on the rule book, but want to confirm here. we dont want to go all prepared and get disqualified.

    Also wondering why teams dont go to these kinda marketplaces where you have more variety at a similar price change.

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    First, any "confirmation" you get here carries just as much weight as your own interpretation. You'll only get an official ruling from the official Q&A forum.

    That being said, I don't think they want to get questions about legality of every servo on earth. To me, it looks like it's a standard analog 3-wire servo that would meet the GM1 rules for servos. We've used similar ones from Amazon with no issues. If the inspectors give you any problems, show them the servo rules in GM1 and ask what part is violated. If they still don't let you pass, borrow a servo from another team and swap it. Somebody will have a spare.


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      Sure thanks


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        The rules say that any servo that fits the controller is allowed...We use this one from ServoCity: HS-7955TG Servo - ServoCity​. It fits our Tetrix parts with C24T spline. It has a lot of torque. We used it for a direct connection to the gripper.