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    Wow! You're going big from the start!
    Our team members provide their own eye protection
    We got some donations for some basic tools and the school has some power tools
    You really shouldn't need $700 in electrical supplies. You shouldn't be doing a whole lot of electrical work. You can get a good soldering iron, soldering supplies, crimps, crimpers, etc. for <$200.
    We're working with another team who has a field. Plus our league has a practice field we can use.
    A basic kit of parts should only be ~$500 after a rookie discount (I'd recommend goBilda)
    Don't get the mega kit of parts you won't use. Figure out what you need and buy that instead. You'll save a lot of money.
    Miscellaneous will probably be much larger than that. Think team shirts and swag to trade with other teams.
    Our budget will probably be ~$2000


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      Don't forget about T shirts. Teams always like to have matching shirts for the season w/ the team name, sponsors etc. Estimate at least $20 each for them.
      Also - travel to comps isn't free. Many teams just leave that up the parents to work out, but at the same time many build travel expenses into the budget. If you're goin ga long distance it can add up.

      We are a community team, not affiliated with a school, but sponsored by a nonprofit organization. As the rep for the NPO that runs the FTC program I have to make a budget each year so we can plan. Something else that comes up in this situation is "overhead" that goes to the NPO. A fairly notable % of all of our income gets taken by the org, which sets it aside for things like the cost of insurance, a scholarship fund for students who can't afford dues, a slush emergency fund for going to Worlds, and an emergency set-aside for a "dry" year without any donation/sponsor income. All of that stuff really adds up and is easy to not think about.