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Liquor Store sponsor?

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  • Liquor Store sponsor?

    Friends of ours are owners of a liquor store in town and would like to sponsor our team.

    Is this even allowed? I'm not sure we are going accept it, but thought I might check first to see if it's even allowed.

    The family is a great family - and don't even drink themselves... but that doesn't change the fact that that it's still a liquor store.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Barry McGovern
    Coach: 10338 - Dark Matters

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    Depends. Does the family want to have the company "sponsoring" the team, or would they be alright with a family's name as the sponsor, like "McGovern Family."

    If its the company sponsoring, I know by our school and team guidelines, we would not be able to, due to the fact that it is a liquor store. The only loophole for us, would be if the "family" was donating it.
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      Unless you have a sponsoring organization that prohibits it, I don't see why this would be an issue.
      John McDonnell
      Volunteer, former mentor