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Debris in the mid zone goal

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  • Debris in the mid zone goal


    I just have a question. Are we allowed to put the debris in the mid zone goal from the ground or do we have to climb a bit to do that?
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    By rule, any score in mid zone and high zone, your robot needs to be Complete On the mountain.

    <GS13> Mountain Scoring Constraints – Robots may Score Debris into the Low Zone Goal and engage the
    Low Zone Zip Line Trigger from any location on the Playing Field. Robots are required to be Completely On
    the Mountain and the Robot’s drivetrain (e.g. wheels, tread) must only be in contact with the portions of the
    Mountain above the two inch tall buffer Area that is defined by white gaffers tape located at the
    bottom/entrance to the Mountain ramp to perform the following actions:

    a. Attach to or be Supported by the Cliff Pull-up Bar
    b. Score Debris In the Mid Zone and High Zone Goals
    c. Claim the All Clear Signal
    d. Release Zip Line Climbers with the Mid and High Zone Triggers

    The 2-inch buffer Area is considered to be part of the Low Zone. Robot actions performed while violating this
    rule do not contribute to the Alliance’s Score.
    The intent of this rule is for Robots to climb onto the Mountain in order to earn points for all of the Mountain’s
    Scoring achievements except for placing Debris into the Low Zone Goal, partially Parking On the Mountain,
    and engaging the Low Zone Zip Line Trigger