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Rule G24 in Game Manual 2 should include "Disabled-at-start" Robots can score

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  • Rule G24 in Game Manual 2 should include "Disabled-at-start" Robots can score

    Just some feedback that it would help scoring and refs be more consistent. Rule G 24 should include a note that robots that are disabled or non-functioning at the start of a match can still score 20 points. Of course that is not a good strategy to win, but it would bring consistency in scoring and less confusion. I have volunteered at 2 different leagues as FTA and my son was score tracking, and they scored disabled robots totally differently at the 2 events. Or go with the simpler definition and don't let disabled robots score any points, instead of the 20.

    Just some feedback. Thanks.
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    Historically a disabled robot has been specifically disabled by the field crew. In FRC if your bot is doing something wrong they can remotely shut you down. This used to be the case in FTC when there was a field control system. Now a ref on field has to reach over and find your power switch. That's why they want them well labeled and easy to access.

    That's different than a robot that breaks down for fails to connect or has some other reason for never being able to even leave the balancing stone. You might want to change your terminology to inoperative or something like that.