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GP-Team Spirt- in FTC- is this (award) missing?

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  • GP-Team Spirt- in FTC- is this (award) missing?

    Both FLL and FRC have specific Gracious Professionalism awards -- at an FLL championship there is a specific gracious professionalism award (at qualifiers GP is one third of the core values award) -FLL teams in judging are expected to talk bout how they interact with and help other teams and judges will also look to see how teams are acting when they observe teams and talk to them in the pits/on the competition floor and judges seek feedback from refs and volunteers about teams GP.

    For FRC, they also have a specific gracious professionalism award - judges will specifically ask teams about their interactions with other FRC teams and if they have helped other teams or if other teams have helped them. Judges will also talk to volunteers at the event to see if they have observed teams helping others.

    At a FRC competition (in Illinois) judges were encouraged to pay attention part of the time to which teams were out there cheering and showing enthusiasm during matches -- refs and match observers also tended to get a good sense of who they could hear/see out in the stands during the course of the day -- I can't help but assume that knowing that Team Spirit was a specific award helped motivate teams to come with signs, balloons etc and to really get loud cheering both for their teams and sometimes for other teams .


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    FTC13259, Until a few years ago, the Motivate Award was largely a spirit award. A few years ago, it was changed to the current definition which is more about spreading and growing FIRST.

    For example, the description of the Motivate Award in the Ring It Up manual is below.
    Motivate Award
    This judged award celebrates the team that exemplifies the essence of the FTC competition through team spirit and enthusiasm. They show their spirit through costumes and fun outfits, a team cheer or outstanding spirit. This team has also made a collective effort to make FIRST known throughout their school and community.

    Guidelines for the Motivate Award
    ◊ Team spirit is consistent throughout the team and the competition.
    ◊ Team is enthusiastic
    ◊ The team functions well as a unit
    ◊ Team enthusiasm is evident in community outreach
    Compare with the current Motivate Award description.
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      I understand the differences in the evolution of this award--- I guess the question is are we still missing something?


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        In Manual part 1 and the judges manual, gracious professionalism is listed as the first requirement for every award. You are correct, however, that there is no award specifically for gracious professionalism. The judges will nevertheless be paying attention.