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    GM1 should differentiate Drivers Station phone list from Robot Controller phone list. With teams able to move to Control Hub this season, and many phones being obsoleted from last season, it doesn't make sense to invalidate phones for driver's station that would like be very good as a drivers station. For instance, last season we used the Galaxy S5 phone for Drivers Station and Robot controller. Since it is no longer a valid phone, we will opt to use the Control Hub. This leaves us with a ton of Galaxy S5 phones that would be very good Drivers Stations, but we are not able to use them in this capacity because it is not an allowed cell phone. To add insult to injury, the Rev Drivers Station tablet is likely either available this season or next, so we will have to buy and prepare new cell phone just for at most this season. If we could update the GM1 to include phones that are valid for Drivers Station only, you would likely reduce costs to many teams that are in a similar position to us, as well as reduce wasteful purchasing of short term use cell phones.