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Consider allowing other focused light sensors...

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  • Consider allowing other focused light sensors...

    Right now according to RE13a-1 the only allowed focus light is the REV 2m distance sensor. It would be nice if other sensors such as this one: could be available. It is a Class 1 laser so there is no danger even from staring into it.

    Perhaps changing RE13a-1 to the following:
    1. Focused or directed light sources (for example: lasers and mirrors) are not allowed except for distance sensors that are class 1 lasers in the IR spectrum such as REV Robotics 2m Distance sensor (REV-31-1505).

    Thanks for considering,

    Coach FTC #16072, Quantum Quacks

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    Agreed, especially as the Rev 2m distance sensor has been out of stock for a while, with no statement on the Rev website as to when it will become available.

    Here's another device; it uses the same chip as the Rev sensor:


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      Hi First Tech Challenge Staff,

      It has been a four months since this was originally posted, and a new season is upon us, so I wanted to bring this issue up again.

      The Rev 2m Distance Sensor is again out of stock, and as noted in my previous reply there is a sensor from Adafruit that uses the same chip. So from a safety standpoint, they would be identical. It would be very helpful to teams to allow the Adafruit device, and other distance sensors that employ the ST Microelectronics VL53L0X time-of-flight ranging chip.