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robot movement "during the buzzer"

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  • robot movement "during the buzzer"

    I've been witnessing a pattern in our league this year (and in past years as well, but it seems particularly egregious this season), and that is the degree of robot movement after the beginning of the buzzer sounding at the end of teleop. As I looked up the rule in Game Manual 2, under 4.3 Definitions, I read:

    "End of the Period/Match - The moment when the Match timer reaches 2:00 for the Autonomous Period or 0:00 for the Driver-Control Period and which coincides with the start of the sound that designates the End of the Period."

    Perhaps a little difficult to see in still pics (the action is much clearer on video, and with audio), but in the first, one can clearly see the clock has reached 0:00 (the buzzer has begun to sound), and the red team robot has a cone in its possession and has moved (in the second pic) to the terminal location - all during the sound of buzzer.

    I like to get a clarification of this ruling from the forum...thanks all!

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    Also see Rule G20, "Robot Actions at End of the Period".


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      Official FIRST Tech Challenge Question and Answer System

      Official FIRST Tech Challenge Question and Answer System

      They are duplicates, but they have the same answer. The buzzer period is a grace period, where robots really should stop, and might be given a penalty if they stop after the buzzer ends.