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Suggestion: Merge Traditional and Remote Rules Forums

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  • Suggestion: Merge Traditional and Remote Rules Forums

    I noticed in looking for a ruling that there are separate forums for traditional and remote gameplay. This is problematic for two main reasons.
    1) We all have to prepare for both modes of gameplay, as we don't know yet what the future state of Covid-19 and safety measures will need to be.
    2) Teams and Judges will need to write/answer essentially all questions for both contexts. So this is adding work for everyone.

    Suggest that we instead have one thread, and each answer should have an answer/section for traditional and remote gameplay modes. If either is irrelevant, the judge can simply put "N/A" in the appropriate section.

    NOTE: There are currently no answers. It will be way easier to do this now as opposed to when the forum fills up with answers and the issue becomes more problematic.