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  • Driving Problem

    We are using a program to drive using block program and have a drift in the driving that is veering to the right. We are using the Mecanum wheels to strafe. The divisible number are to make the wheels equal, made from trial and error last year, but the motors are not adjusting and they keep drifting.

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    First of all you should check if your wheels are in the correct orientations; with the rollers forming an X from the top and diamond from the bottom. The other way around will cause uneven strafing. Second of all, you should look at this great page ( on gm0 about how to program a mecanum drive base, and while I can see a resemblance of this math in your code, you are lacking parts such as normalizing your wheel speeds. Mutliplying the wheels by a constant for each motor destroys the proportional speeds that make mecanum work, which can also cause drift. I also can't really understand why your right stick x is being multiplied by 10.