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Entering two bots into a tournament

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  • Entering two bots into a tournament

    I have a question. I have seen no official ruling against this, but is a team able to bring more than one robot to competition? I have heard of other teams doing it and I have had inspectors asking if we are inspecting more than one bot. Thoughts?

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    game manual 1 rule T7
    Each registered Team may enter only one Robot (a Robot built to play the current season’s game challenge) into the FIRST Tech Challenge competition. It is expected that Teams will make changes to their Robot throughout the season and at competitions.

    a. It is against this rule to compete with one Robot while a second is being adjusted or assembled at a tournament.
    b. It is against this rule to switch back and forth between multiple Robots at a tournament.

    Rules forum -
    see post #10

    forum discussion (make sure you read to post #23


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      Per the other poster, you will need to have 2 teams. 1 bot per team.