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    Found this on FIRST's web page max of 15. Hope that helps.
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      I would be VERY interested in an official response to the team size question. I understand that the manuals all say that an "official" team is limited to 15 students, but I also know that many teams in my state have many more than that. It would appear that teams are officially placing 15 students on their rosters, but then including much more than that in the design, build, and programming processes. I personally do not want to limit the exposure of robotics to a set number of students and I cannot afford to pay the registration fees for more than one team. With this said, are teams that have more than 15 students participating considered legal? What is the "official" response?


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        To get an 'official' answer you must ask an 'official' question using the defined protocol. See here for specific instructions.

        Anything else is just an opinion.


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          Thank you for the link, but I am not seeing anything written there to indicate a question requires a specific format to be considered a request for an official answer or simply an opinion. It was my understanding that any questions posed in the forum could receive an official response from a FIRST representative when it is requested. Please correct me If I am incorrect in this assumption.


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            This is an "official" answer from last year's forum.

            FIRST Tech Challenge has put the 15 student limit in place to ensure that each student is able to have a very active and meaningful role on the team. This does not mean that a team is disqualified from awards or competition for having more than 15. When there are more than 15 students on a team, we encourage the judges to look at the larger team with a higher expectation of what they have accomplished given the additional resources.


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              Also, there are different parts to the Forum. The Question and Answer section at the top is where you get "official" answers. You will also see JoAnn sometimes answer in the "Share your thoughts with staff" section. This section is for the community at large. You can often get good advice from experienced mentors, but not official answers.


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                we have 12
                3 builders
                2 designers
                1 laser cutting programmer
                1 programmer
                1 PR regulator
                1 notebook head
                1 captain/ engineer
                1 backup programmer
                1 photographer/ social media head


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                  We are broken down into three main groups with about five people in each group. Currently we have a business group where we focus on community outreach, the engineering notebook, and social media accounts. We have a coding/programming group that works on coding the robot so that it can move. Finally, we have a build/design group that will engineer the physical aspects of the robot including how it will look and which parts that will be built.


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                    Team 5339 consists of 9 members. Each team member has many roles within our team. We have 4 members on the build team, 3 members on the notebook and communications team, 2 members on the programming team, and 1 member on the drawing team.