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  • Starting a new team

    I'm starting a new team for this upcoming session and was wondering if any one had advice on starting a team and getting sponsors.

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    I can't really help with starting a team since I joined a well-established team, but as the Outreach Officer for my team, my biggest piece of advice for not just looking for sponsorship, but the whole FTC program is don't be afraid to fail. Our minds naturally start compiling this list of what might go wrong and their outcomes as soon as we are handed a task or an action, but in all honesty, the worst that's gonna happen is that you get a simple "No, but we wish you luck".

    If one company/organisation says no, ask someone else. The FTC community (and sponsorship community actually) is one where failure and rejections don't define your future. Our team came from having a non-working robot to competing at the Australian-Pacific Invitations because we didn't give up, and we weren't afraid to fail.

    Oh, and I'd also suggest writing down the emails of a companies marketing/public relations/sponsorships team. If you can't find this, you can normally ask their mainstream support staff Be kind, be professional, be human, and the world will follow.