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Do you have a dedicated person for documentation?

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  • Do you have a dedicated person for documentation?

    Our team (7418) has always lacked solid documentation, although we've gotten a little better every year. This season, we scored big by finding a person who joined the team specifically to serve as a technical writer. Now the challenge is that this person is new to robotics and is a little lost as to the exact nature of the role and what its expectations should be. We're wondering if any other teams have one or more members who are focused specifically on documentation and related areas, such as research, social media monitoring, marketing, etc. We would be thrilled if we could find a peer mentor from another team for this person, or at least some tips and tricks, to avoid frustration and to enhance the FTC experience.

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    I'm currently in charge of documentation on my team, but there was another member who had come on a few years ago in a similar manner to help with documentation and write ups but really didn't have much technical experience. In our first couple years we didn't really know what we were doing, but two years ago another team in our league aged out and we got to look at their notebook and other docs. They were really successful and had won many Inspire awards over the years. That was a huge help to see another team's notebook. There are a couple of example notebooks on the first website, but having another team explain what they were looking for was really helpful. After we saw how they did it, last season we got Inspire 3rd and Inspire 2nd at our two regional champs for the first time ever! If you can, try to find a local team and ask them about their notebook, or if you can't find somebody, email us at [email protected] and we'll give you some more tips and tricks if you want. Good luck this season!
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