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McMaster-Carr Constant-Force Retractor

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  • McMaster-Carr Constant-Force Retractor

    Hello fellow teams,

    While designing our robot for this season, our team came across this part from McMaster-Carr:

    We believe that it is acceptable under the game rules because it is both from a standard distributor and it is a COTS assembly with only a single degree of freedom. However, we thought it would be a good idea to hear other feedback before making this investment.

    Thank you,
    FTC Team 6022

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    I am not sure it satisfies the COTS with A single degree of freedom. Before you buy check this through the Q/A


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      maybe you should try a tape measure first...much cheaper
      I saw a tape measure used on a bot at our last event.


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        I'll second orangemoore's recommendation on checking with Q&A. I would say it's not a single DOF part because you would need at least two degrees of freedom to describe its position: how far the cable is extended, and the cable's angle with respect to the output hole.
        John McDonnell
        Volunteer, former mentor


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          I would suggest you take a look at