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  • Pneumatics & Compressed Air

    Has anyone else noticed anywhere in the manual where it prohibits Pneumatics and Compressed Air? In years past they specifically mention it but I am unable to locate it this year. Also, along with that topic, has anyone noticed any other items that we may be able to use this year that we haven't in years past?

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    I guess we'll know in 10 days when they open up the Q&A Forums
    Mark Hancock
    Tigard Team Mentor


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      I think it is still prohibited by the "energy storage" rule - <RG10> in Game Manual Part 1. I haven't noticed any significant changes in allowed (or prohibited) materials - the 1 DOF rule is still in effect for COTS parts and you can pretty much use any kind of materials you want (like last year). They've added a few specifics around motors/servos.


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        I looked at last years manual and this years manual and the prohibition of pneumatics & compressed air is not in this manual. So from that you could guess that it might be legal. Also you could try to read in that a balloon is just stored energy by deformation as allowed in RG10.c However I suspect it was accidentally removed when the section about allowed materials was cleaned up.

        If pneumatics were to be allowed we would have a lot of rules around it because they can be dangerous if not done correctly. See all the rules that FRC has around pneumatics. So I will guess it will be declared illegal in an update.